Press Release, June 5, 2019

M-Brain Introduces Hybrid Intelligence to its Media Analysis Tool M-Adaptive

On 30 May 2018, leading Nordic market and media intelligence company M-Brain introduced a significant feature update to its media analysis SaaS tool, M-Adaptive. The update is built on M-Brain’s proprietary machine learning solution and utilizes hybrid intelligence, combining the best of human-quality data refinement with automated document analysis and categorization.

The update introduces exciting features that allow users to segment data based on thematic content and industry classification, bringing strong value for both market intelligence and media intelligence users. “The new industry and theme classification offers a rich toolset for discovery,” says M-Brain COO Joakim Nyberg. “By drilling down on particular online sources through a combination of sentiment and industry, you can examine differences between topics and discover emerging stories that impact your brand, competitor or operating environment.

The new theme and industry features are particularly appealing in the market intelligence context, as they offer a way to segment media information previously impossible without considerable manual effort on the part of the end user. This new functionality complements M-Adaptive’s already-impressive analytical toolset and helps our customers gain critical insight into their business environment.” “The value of our Hybrid Intelligence model is in the relevance and the level of scalable automation we are able to offer to our clients,” says M-Brain CTO Kimmo Valtonen. “With the new features in M-Adaptive, we draw on the rich training data set of analyst-categorized media information we have accumulated over the years and bring structure to unstructured data in a scalable manner. As a solution, M-Adaptive rests on a powerful suite of big data and machine learning technologies and harnesses them in a feature-rich user interface for the benefit of both media and market intelligence users.”

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