Press Release, June 11, 2021

What’s new at M-Brain – Customer Satisfaction, Intelligence Plaza, Global Intelligence Survey, and more

We at M-Brain have been busy all spring across our eleven offices. Join us for a look as we go through the most important news from Q2.

Let’s focus on three things that are making us very proud at the moment. Our customer satisfaction scores have been fantastic, being 4.6/5.0. Our intense investments in revamping Intelligence Plaza are paying off by bringing an increase of new customers. Last but not least, we have just launched our 10th edition of our pioneering Global Intelligence Survey. The results of this survey have played a huge role in M-Brain’s thought leadership in the market and competitive intelligence industry.

As always, we put our customers first and make sure to listen to your needs to offer you the absolute best across our full portfolio of market and competitive intelligence solutions.

In 2021 we aim to further boost our position as the global leader in competitive and market intelligence solutions. The enhancements made will make our tools even more powerful for you and allow our analysts to serve you even more efficiently with relevant and impactful intelligence.

M-Brain's competitive intelligence software Plaza10

More new Intelligence Plaza customers in 2021 than 2019 and 2020 combined

As a result of M-Brain’s investments in the development of our flagship platform, Intelligence Plaza 10, and the beginning of a global improvement of the economy, our Plaza 10 is gaining real interest and selling very well across all our regions, to all types of companies. In fact, we have doubled the number of new customers in 2021 so far, than we gained over the past two years.

“M-Brain has been launching upgrades in Plaza 10 on a monthly basis. These upgrades include improvements such as increased UX experience, machine learning components, smarter company profile modules, more intuitive integrations, etc., and they all have been communicated with customers and prospects beforehand. This tells our customers a good story and earns us credibility when it comes to following through with the next planned launches in our development roadmap”, says Tom Rideg from M-Brain Americas.

Plaza 10 can be purchased as a standalone, where it is entirely administrated by the customer’s team, or in conjunction with M-Brain’s several market monitoring services – we call it the Hybrid Model.

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Customer Satisfaction – M-Brain scored 4.6 out of 5

M-Brain conducts surveys with continuous customers on an annual basis and with project customers upon completion of every assignment.  The below scores are an average across all of our offices/countries and are specific for each of our intelligence solutions:

Research & Advisory: 4.6/5.0

This includes ad hoc deep dive services involving secondary and primary research & analysis, such as market landscape analysis, multi-market benchmarking, competitor analysis, competitive benchmarking, supplier analysis, sizing & segmentation, win-loss, etc.

Market Monitoring: 4.3/5.0

This includes customized daily monitoring, quota, scheduled analysis, industry insights, etc.

Intelligence Plaza: 4.1/5.0

This includes Plaza 10, Classic Plaza, Plaza for SharePoint Online, and Plaza on-premise.

Intelligence Best Practices: 4.6/5.0

This includes intelligence assessments, advisory workshops, and benchmarking circles

M-Brain has offices in the USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, Germany, Finland, France, China, Singapore, and Malaysia. We also have close partners in another 100 countries that are managed by each of our regional hubs.


Global Intelligence Survey is open

M-Brain’s Global Intelligence Survey is the world’s leading study of the market and competitive intelligence functions, practitioners, and teams. M-Brain is the only company in the world to conduct a study of this magnitude with global coverage. Furthermore, it has been active for 20 years now!

The survey will be open until July 30th 2021. The survey lasts approximately 15 minutes and the benefits are manifold, allowing companies to benchmark themselves against peers and pick up best practices. There will be a draw for a prize among the participating companies. The winner will receive a free intelligence assessment & roadmap project valued at $5,500.

All survey responses are anonymous (names of companies will not be revealed).

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Introducing the updated Industry Insights service

Our Industry Insights service gives you the insight you need to run your business effectively. The relevancy of the content is key: available news stories are always tailored to meet the individual customer’s needs. This service consists of daily newsletters and access to M-Brain’s Insights Portal. AI is brought to the surface with this service, giving users even more relevant information to power their decision-making.

Let’s talk with two of our in-house experts to find out more about the operating logic behind Industry Insight’s new recommendation engine, and the benefits that our customers can expect to get from this service.

M-Brain ja Taloustutkimus yhdistivät julkisuusanalyysin ja markkinatutkimuksen

What have our customers been saying?

“We were able to cover a good amount of work including market sizing and competitor analysis and the M-Brain team has been wonderful to work with; did a great job on the project and they were super on top of things”

(Global Technology & Engineering Firm)

“We have really enjoyed the experience with M-Brain! It’s been a refreshing process to work with such a great team! Thank you for all your efforts over the last few months! You’ve made the experience easy and always catered to our needs.”

(Human Resources Operations Manager – ME Education sector company)

“The communication and enthusiasm of the M-Brain team working on our project ensured its success.”

(Managing Director in the UK Recruitment sector)

“We received valuable information about the market and based on that, we were able to refine our market positioning. M-Brain delivered what it promised. High quality and useful interviews. It was a pleasure to work with M-Brain.”

(Globally operating software services / utility inspections, VP Global Sales)

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