Press Release, June 22, 2020

The results of our Customer Satisfaction Survey 2020

M-Brain has had great success in its service operations according to our latest Customer Satisfaction Survey. Our customized monitoring and analysis services bring information from a wide range of sources to our customers to facilitate important decision-making. Our customers agree that our services save precious time for them and their organizations.

M-Brain’s services have garnered favorable feedback from our customers. Our Market Intelligence services include industry monitoring, competitor and industry analyses, market research and strategy work. Our Media Intelligence services, for example, include media monitoring and media analysis. These services as a whole received a rating of 3.9 on a scale of 1–5. From the respondents, 84.5% view our services as a whole as good or excellent.  

Efficient quality service

87.5% regarded communication with M-Brain representatives and service management with their M-Brain team as good or excellent. Our monitoring services specifically are seen as good or excellent by 91.4% of respondents. Both the media and market monitoring services earned an average rating of 4.2. Our customers commended us, among other things, for bringing in business opportunities and comprehensive intelligence functions with our services. 

Account management and customer service also received much praise and a total rating of 4.3. Customer service was praised for its customer-oriented approach and pro-activeness. Our representatives are described as responsive, attentive and quick to help if problems arise. In addition, communication with the representatives is perceived as easy and straightforward. 

Monitoring and analysis services are time-savers

93.3% of respondents see that M-Brain’s services save their organization’s time and manpower. A significant amount of the client company’s working time and human resources are left free to focus on business, as we at M-Brain process a large amount of information from a wide range of sources for our customers and extract the essential information on their behalf. M-Brain’s media analysts and information experts are available to help, whether the need concerns daily media monitoring newsletters or strategic consulting. 

Thank you for taking part in our survey!

M-Brain’s customer survey was conducted in March-April 2020. 

The results of the survey, and in particular the open feedback, will help us improve our operations and provide an even smarter world-class information service. We utilize constructive feedback for customer service and the development of our products. 

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