Press release, February 09, 2021

What’s new at M-Brain?

M-Brain launched several new services to better support our customers navigate through unprecedented challenges during the pandemic.

While actively supporting our customers to recalibrate their market and competitive intelligence streams, we continued to develop our services further. We modernized – from a new version of our Industry Insights portal to a complete revamp of our flagship intelligence solution, Intelligence Plaza 10 and also introduced a more flexible approach to our Research & Advisory solutions.

In 2021 we aim to even further boost our position as the Global leader in competitive and market intelligence solutions. Our enhancements will make our tools even more powerful for you and allow our analysts to serve you even more efficiently with impactful intelligence.

Intelligence Plaza 10 - M-Brain Market Intelligence SoftwarePower your decision making with Plaza 10

Our popular Intelligence Plaza product just got better with our new Intelligence Plaza 10 version.

We have listened to our customers and re-designed the entire platform to be even more intuitive, visually-appealing, while Plaza 10 fully scales to all mobile devices seamlessly.

Creating informative dashboards with internal and external information has never been easier than with Plaza 10. With this platform, we can be ensured that all the relevant information is reaching the right people to enable faster, well-informed decisions that can have a huge impact on your business.

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Strategic analysis helps in hard times

M-Brain’s Research & Advisory arm has been in flux over the past year, with many multinationals temporarily scaling back their large-scale research project needs in favor of research “quotas,” which allow for more flexibility to approach both strategic and tactical questions, as they see fit. This quota approach allows organizations to purchase predetermined set amounts of time or budget that they then draw from to address research on a retainer basis. This helps them address burning needs during a shaky environment while maintaining strong budget control.

Recent research requests that M-Brain has conducted under the quota model include summaries of competitor COVID-19 regrowth strategies, analysis of industry employee turnover, deep dives into state and regional opportunities, and benchmarking of industry disruptors.

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Monitoring and analysis services

Our monitoring and analysis services are flexible and fully adaptable to your evolving business priorities. When COVID fully emerged in 2020, we were able to shift focus from the “normal” market and competitive environments of our customers to hone in on the potential risks and opportunities of the “new normal” during the pandemic. For example, we helped a tire manufacturer to better understand the projected impacts on miles driven, and thus demand for replacement tires, from market trends such as: working from home, reduced public transit utilization, reduced air travel and increased leisure travel closer to home, etc.

M-Brain combines proprietary research technology tools and dedicated analyst teams to efficiently provide bespoke monitoring and analysis services. Our technology tools cover hundreds of thousands of editorial media, millions of blogs and forums, and billions of social media sources and we have the ability to monitor this source portfolio in 70+ languages.

Industry-Insights-portalUpdated Insights Portal for better information management

Last year we released our new Insights Portal for more efficient and scalable distribution of our renowned Industry Insights content. The new portal allows for effective distribution and sharing as well as a searchable historic repository of insights based on specific profiles.

We have just recently released another update which brings recommendation engine functionality, meaning, you get suggestions of relevant content based on your basic profile and reading habits. This allows for more personalized insights delivered to you, giving you the relevant insights you need.