Social Media Monitoring

When it comes to understanding how your brand is perceived by your target audiences, it’s no secret that social media offers some of the deepest and most valuable insights available.

Never before has it been so easy to understand how defined audiences feel, behave and respond to specific variables.

And with ever expanding volumes of social media big data comes a fresh challenge; understanding what these metrics mean for your organization’s’ current and future digital and social communications.

M-Brain’s Social Media Monitoring solutions can incorporate a combination of analyst services or proprietary technologies to achieve the following benefits:

track brand in media

Track your brand publicity and audience sentiment

monitor social communications

Determine the impact of your marketing and communications campaigns

media monitoring solutions

Uncover customer or supplier relationship management opportunities

competitor media benchmarking

Benchmark your brand media presence against your competitors

media crisis management

Enhance your organizations’ crisis response capabilities

brand mention monitoring

identify key customer influences, opinion leaders and developing trends

Social Audience Sentiment Vs Rest of Media

Organizations commonly find it valuable to extend their social media monitoring to include additional media channels such as editorial media, forums and blogs.

A conversation doesn’t always start and end on social media and it can be powerful and insightful to understand how a customers dialogue extends beyond social media. Additionally, many organizations find their audience sentiment differs between social vs rest of media and gaining clarity on the whole picture provides the answers their communications teams need.

Social Media Analysis Services

Other Media Intelligence Services

Media Intelligence Software

If you would like to gain a deeper understanding of how our solutions can support your social media, brand and communications needs, please get in touch and our local team will be delighted to assist.

Social Media Monitoring Solutions

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