World-Leading Market Intelligence and Media Intelligence Solutions

We help our clients to navigate the turbulent and ever-expanding business environment, offering crucial external business information and advising upon its effective management and utilization.

Experts in transforming information into insights

At M-Brain we believe that true insight is based upon three sources of information: published information, unpublished information and internal knowledge. Our solutions are tailored to optimize intelligence from each of these sources.

Based on best practices from working alongside hundreds of companies, our methodologies align to the principles of the 9 key success factors that are essential for world-class intelligence utilization.

We are proud to be the trusted partner for thousands of organizations, helping to ensure their intelligence programs are set up and run cost-effectively, with
tangibly improved operations within a 6-month timeframe.


Published Information

Our 400 professional analysts and consultants form the foundation of intelligence solutions, supported by our world-leading market and media monitoring technologies.


Unpublished Information

We offer the experience and abilities to research, source or generate fresh data as required to support our clients’ primary intelligence needs.


Internal Knowledge

Supporting clients to break information silos and optimize the utilization of relevant data and intelligence output.

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