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Intelligence & Strategy Solutions

M-Brain is a global leader in media and market intelligence software and services. We align your intelligence with key business priorities and deliver value through a combination of industry best-practice expertise and in-house proprietary artificial intelligence development. We are your trusted partner in intelligence co-creation and support your operational excellence with optimized intelligence solutions, enabling you to seize opportunities, mitigate risks and make strategic business decisions based on objective insight.

Media Intelligence Solutions

Supporting organizations through world-class media analysts and best-in-class media listening and sentiment technologies. With a global media network covering over 3m sources in 70 languages, our media intelligence solutions deliver unparalleled visibility and insights that are relied upon by the world’s leading organizations.


Market Intelligence Solutions

When it comes to performing market analysis and gathering competitive intelligence, M-Brain is proud to be recognized as a global leader. For over 17 years, our global workforce of 500 leading consultants and analysts have been supporting customers to gain deeper awareness and ever expanding foresight to develop the strategic advantage.


Intelligence Best Practices

Intelligence Best Practices (IBP) is at the core of all of our products and services. IBP is a framework and methodology that helps our customers turn information into actionable insight and gain competitive advantage. To learn more about IBP and what sets M-Brain apart as the leader in intelligence solutions, click below.


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With offices in 16 countries, our workforce of friendly and professional intelligence consultants offer the global resources and local knowledge you need to drive your industry awareness into the future. We will be delighted to discuss how we might help and offer a recommendation that matches your needs.

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