Social Media Framework

Working with social media optimization? Take concrete steps and build a holistic social media presence with our framework

It is important to monitor social media, but we all know it is not enough. Building a holistic social media presence is not as easy and simple as it might seem. However, with M-Brain’s Social Media Framework your optimization task becomes much easier.

Our framework will:

  • Explain the eight key success factors you need to take into account in your social media work.
  • Clarify the flow between these factors.
  • Assess where you currently are in building your success around these factors.
  • Help you in developing your work further.

M-Brain Social Media Optimization Framework

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Social media strategy is built within the internal cycle

1. SETTING OBJECTIVES is done to ensure that your social media work is aligned with your company’s mission, vision and goals.
2. DETERMINING TARGET GROUPS & CHANNELS is critical in making sure your efforts are accurately aimed.
3. DEFINING ACTIVITIES are concrete actions that will help you keep your eye on the ball and make sure you do not stray too far away from your objectives.
4. ASSIGNING OWNERSHIP is an important step in making sure strategy and planning becomes implementation and action.

Implementation happens in the external cycle

5. LISTENING is the only way to really know what social media is about and what is happening there. It must be done actively, attentively and continually.
6. ENGAGING means two-way interaction with your target groups. It ensures that whatever you do in social media is not done in isolation.
7. MEASURING & EVALUATING is done to assess whether or not you have met your objectives, reached you goals and connected with the audiences you were seeking to connect with.

Energy generation

8. LEARNING & BUILDING A CULTURE act as the energy center of the social media stream. They generate the flow which ensures the constant development of all other key success factors and your social media presence in general.


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