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We support the development of your business and address your market intelligence needs through our extensive industry expertise and hybrid intelligence technology. Our solutions help you anticipate risks, identify opportunities, discover strategic insights and make informed strategic decisions.

M-Brain’s services are based on a combination of proprietary technology and human intelligence, providing market monitoring, market analysis, research & advisory services as well as consulting and competitive intelligence platform to support decision-making and strategic planning. We process massive amounts of data on your behalf, drill down to the business intelligence that is relevant to your needs, and consult on how you can effectively manage and exploit this data.

Versatile solutions to meet your market intelligence needs

With our help you can keep track of competitor and customer activities as well as key events in your industry. We follow and analyse relevant events on your behalf and support your market and competitive intelligence needs in a variety of ways. Continuous monitoring and analysis of the business environment in a customised format supports the planning and monitoring phases of your strategy work. Our experts help you determine the topics you want to follow, so you get more out of monitoring and gain strategic insight into what’s been happening in your markets recently.

Would you like to share and manage external and internal intelligence more easily? In addition to providing monitoring and analysis services, we can help you manage, monitor and leverage your business and competitor intelligence with the easy-to-install Intelligence Plaza software solution. You receive business intelligence expertise, technical expertise, and an advanced user interface — all in one package.

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M-Brain strategic analyses provide strategic intelligence to support your strategy work

What areas should your business focus on over the next three years? Are you trying to identify new growth areas, expand your business to new markets, or understand future trends within your industry?

We provide customer profiles and industry analyses to support your decision-making. We can also look at the competitive field in your market and customer segment to identify your relevant competitors, and assess, for example, the strategies, financial status, processes, distinctions, strengths, and weaknesses of different players. As part of the research, we assess your company’s market position and provide business recommendations to support your strategy.

Scenario and trend analyses help you build a better understanding of how your business environment evolves over the long term. We can help your organization build potential future scenarios and reflect on what your business will do in 2025.

M-Brain has over 20 years of experience in applying market intelligence. We offer both in-depth market intelligence and strategic consulting.

In addition, we can work with you to help your organization systematically launch, develop, and maintain activities related to market intelligence management.

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