M-Brain is a hybrid company combining big data technology and human intelligence

M-Brain’s intelligence expertise is a combination of proprietary artificial intelligence development and human relevance screening. Our in-house machine learning engine analyses and classifies billions of online documents, constantly improving its capabilities through training data. Furthermore, our employees worldwide add intelligence and value to our clients by providing them with insight based on information from 70+ languages.

M-Brain’s in-house crawling technology and global source database of over three million sources is continuously developed according to real-time user statistics as well as M-Brain’s coverage strategy. Our content refinement process is built on augmented intelligence, where usage metrics from our global customer base validate the relevance of our source portfolio.

Our proprietary machine learning engine makes approximately 25 billion automated relevance classification judgements every day, distilling its findings to approximately 200,000 client-specific relevant events. To further ensure utmost content relevance, M-Brain employs an in-house Source Analysis Team that supports the automated refinement process on the source coverage side, maintaining our source database, adding client-specific sources by request and conducting research on new relevant sources.

This hybrid model ensures that customers benefit from both usage pattern-based relevance adjustment as well as have the option to directly influence the sources M-Brain covers.

Big Data Technology with 8 V´s

The typical information deficits where M-Brain´s proprietary Big Data technology can help organizations and companies to navigate the turbulent and ever-expanding business environment. Stop struggling with the information overload. We are here to help you to make the right business decisions.


M-Brain research projects

M-Brain is actively taking part in top-notch international research projects together with leading technology companies and universities regarding topics like Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Industrial Internet.


  1. Industry member in the first ever USA-Finland joint Big Data research project
  2. Drexel and Lousiana Universities in USA
  3. Predictive analytics, Deep Learning


  • The largest (9M€ yearly budget, ca. 70 partners) Big Data research project in Finland 2012-2016
  • M-Brain leads with Tieto
  • Next Generation Customer Intelligence

Scalable Probabilistic Analytics

  • Leading edge applied Machine Learning
  • Will be a disruptive technology in 5-10 years
  • Probabilistic Programming, Industrial Internet
  • Project started in 2016