Trend analysis, at its core, is the practice of collecting information and generating valuable insights and informational patterns from it. It is an important part of market research helping to identify, among other strategically important issues, dominant traits in the market, as well as customer preferences.

What are the benefits of trend analysis?

Trends can be broken up into three categories: mega trends, or the global drivers (e.g. digitalization, globalization), macro trends, or the business drivers (e.g. circular economy, IoT, AI) and micro trends, or business signals (e.g. Happiness Index, autonomous vehicles, #metoo). All of these trends have a hand in shaping markets relevant to your organization.

M-Brain’s trend analysis helps you understand the signals and phenomena behind the trends that drive your business. We turn trend knowledge into valuable business intelligence that aids you in making the right moves.


M-Brain’s trend analysis includes:

  • Main characteristics of the signal:

What is it about? What does it mean?

  • Voice of the consumer:

What are the consumers saying?

  • Voice of the industry:

What are companies and industry players saying?

  • Innovations:

What sort of development can be detected related to the signal?

Production Process

  1. Set up

Based on customer needs. Approximately three mega trends and a number of macro trends related to these mega trends make a good starting point for the service.

  1. Information sources

The analysis is based on M-Brain monitoring tools and solutions, mostly the Industry Insights service and M-Adaptive. External information sources can also be researched in order to ensure comprehensive results.

  1. Analysis

Our experienced analysts conduct the analysis work, assess the data, identifying and tracking signals and their prominence during the monitoring period.

  1. Frequency

The service is delivered monthly but reporting frequency can be adjusted according to customer needs and budget.

Trend analysis is just one way of doing strategic analysis. Read more about our research and advisory services and contact us!