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At M-Brain, we are passionate about market intelligence, news monitoring, AI, strategic consulting and relevant business related insights. Our white papers offers you insights around those topics, and every now and then we like to spice things up with something new and unexpected. On this page you will find all our free white papers and e-books.

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Market Intelligence Playbook

M-Brain’s Market Intelligence Playbook helps you with your analysis work. The analysis models included in the playbook are particularly useful for understanding the company’s internal operational environment and making optimal…


Global Intelligence Survey 2019

M-Brain's Global Intelligence Survey is the most well established study on Competitive and Market Intelligence. In 2019, we completed our 9th survey, and the results were measured against and plotted…


The 4 Whys of Scenario Thinking

This white paper introduces four reasons why you should engage in systematic scenario work. It provides insights on how you can benefit from scenario thinking, a method which facilitates the…


Plastics – From Awareness to Action

The purpose of this white paper is to give you an easily digestible information package on how plastics are perceived in the media. It offers insights on how this discussion…


Smart Market Intelligence – Unlocking the potential of people, processes and technologies to make your market intelligence more effective

This white paper provides you with insights on how you can make market intelligence smarter in your organization. It explains how the market intelligence process and ecosystem are entwined, and…


What Business Leaders Should Think About Market Intelligence Teams

This white paper provides you with insights on what Business Leaders Should Think About Market Intelligence Teams. The paper explains the purpose and operation of intelligence teams and gives a…


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