Global Intelligence Survey 2019

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M-Brain's Global Intelligence Survey is the most well established study on Competitive and Market Intelligence. In 2019, we completed our 9th survey, and the results were measured against and plotted on our unique World Class Intelligence Framework.

The Global Intelligence Survey is designed to support informed decision making and intelligence-based teams and practitioners to back up their planning with accurate facts and statistics on emerging industry trends. It has been carried out biannually since 2005 and the results of the survey have shed light on Competitive & Market Intelligence organizations, budgets and trends throughout the world in different industries.

The Global Intelligence Survey 2019 White Paper presents the main results of the latest survey and gives you a good picture about the level of intelligence activities in global companies on average today, as compared to world class companies. In addition, it provides you with useful information about the size of intelligence teams, their position in the organization, their available budget, the number of stakeholders and intelligence contributors and more. The results support you to benchmark, set aspirational goals, develop roadmaps and implementation plans.

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