Handbook of Social Media Intelligence

Handbook of Social Media Intelligence

The Handbook of Social Media Intelligence deals with how to extract intelligence from social media. Social media provides a huge amount of information - consumer insights, latest trends, key industry opinion leaders as well as a number of other issues relevant to decision-making in organizations. Speed and immediacy present companies with challenges as well as opportunities: they need to be alert at all times which - in turn - enables them to stay one step ahead of their less social media savvy competitors.


Once you know your wider business objectives and the social media goals to support them, it becomes possible to extract that valuable social media intelligence from the system. By downloading and reading our latest e-book, you will get several key takeaways that will be of benefit when tackling, for example, these problems:


● How can different organizational functions benefit from the use of social media
● What kind of metrics and viewpoints to look for in social media analysis


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