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Your strategic intelligence needs may include enhancing competitive intelligence, increasing customer knowledge, monitoring your business environment, measuring the success of your communications, or market analysis to help drive business growth. We provide you with high-quality intelligence services and comprehensive solutions within these areas.

Strategic intelligence solutions tailored to your needs

In addition to continuous news monitoring services, we’re your trusted partner in strategy work. We base our strategic analysis services and projects on a wide range of information sources, interviews, and jointly agreed quantitative and qualitative research methods. We can also use workshop methods to understand and coordinate the views of different stakeholders.

Our solutions are tailored to best support you and your strategic intelligence needs. M-Brain has the widest media coverage available and as a global operator we provide the most comprehensive suite of solutions to support decision making. We are here to help you gain the strategic insights you need to make the right decisions at the right time.

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M-Brain solutions

An intelligence partnership founded on expertise

Our services are based on a unique combination of our own proprietary AI technology and human intelligence. We understand the challenges and strategic intelligence needs of your business, supporting you not only with our extensive information base, but also with M-Brain’s consultative expertise.

As our customer, you save valuable time and human resources, as you can leverage M-Brain’s analysts and information experts at any time through services ranging from daily monitoring to strategic consulting. We can provide customized solutions for your business on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. We also closely follow copyright laws and own the copyrights to our produced content, allowing your company to use the material with confidence.

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Our wide range of services cover all your intelligence needs in one go — from daily monitoring to strategic deep-dive projects. In our latest Customer Satisfaction Survey, almost 90% of respondents rated M-Brain’s services as good or excellent. 83% of our key customers felt that M-Brain’s services have helped them or their organization make decisions. In addition, 85% felt that M-Brain’s services had saved them or their organization time.