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M-Brain offers best-in-class intelligence services and software via 400+  experts located in 15 countries. We deliver value to our customers with a combination of industry best-practice expertise and in-house proprietary artificial intelligence development.

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Did you know that…

  • The M-Brain France office is located near the Grands Boulevards, in a district that was transformed by Haussmann during the 19th century modernisation of Paris.  
  • The neighbourhood is renowned for its art deco theatres, busy cafes, 19th century passageways and historic bank headquarters in ornate buildings. In recent years, the area has also become a hot spot for start-ups, small businesses and local eateries. 
  • M-Brain France is a dynamic team with an equal number of male and female employees from several nations.
  • We have a friendly and dedicated team. We love our work and have passion in how we do it
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“I worked three years for M-Brain in Shanghai before transferring to the Paris office. Both teams gave me a warm welcome and quickly made me feel I am part of the M-Brain family. I love working in an international, open environment, while helping clients to develop their business all around the world. ”

Maëlle Petit, Research Analyst​

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“Working as an analyst, I follow local and national news looking for the most pertinent and actionable information for M-Brain clients. I enjoy the diversity of topics and industries we cover, the fast paced environment and the flexibility to work from home occasionally.​”

Keziah Plummer, Analyst


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