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M-Brain offers best-in-class intelligence services and software via 400+  experts located in 15 countries. We deliver value to our customers with a combination of industry best-practice expertise and in-house proprietary artificial intelligence development.

Our team in Russia provides world-class services for market leaders operating in a variety of industries.

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Did you know that…

  • The M-Brain office is located in the very center of St. Petersburg, within walking distance from the metro and close to the city’s main attractions
  • We often take part in the cultural and social events of the city
  • We regularly conduct internal development, and also send employees to training and seminars
  • We have a friendly and dedicated team. We love our work and have passion in how we do it
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“My name is Julia Strelchik and I have been working in the company for over 20 years. During this time, I have progressed from Information Analyst to Head of Marketing and Sales. In addition to my duties within the Marketing and Sales Department, I also provide face-to-face support and advisory services to clients. The outstanding quality and flexibility of our services always allows us to find the most suitable solution for each specific customer. It gives me an immense sense of accomplishment when clients mention how valuable our services are when it comes to planning and decision-making. It is very rewarding to value the work you are doing and get joy and satisfaction from it.”

Julia Strelchik​

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“My name is Sofya Vilchinskaya and I started at M-Brain right after graduating from university. The company has always provided a supportive environment which put me on the right track to become a highly qualified media analyst and language specialist. I’m now a Senior Analyst at M-Brain and my main responsibilities are to select and write brief summaries of articles from news sources, as well as translate them into English. M-Brain is a large, friendly team of language specialists from a varied range of countries and cultures. We speak different languages, but we share one common passion – to provide reliable, easy-to-digest information services. If you share the same passion, M-Brain is the right place for you.​”

Sofya Vilchinskaya

Sofya Photo by Sofya Vilchinskaya

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